Iowa Park Series Throw Blankets

State Parks and the Amana Colonies are both deeply rooted in Iowa's history. We decided to intertwine the two, literally, with the Iowa Park Series line of cotton throw blankets. This series consists of three different colorways, each linked to a specific park found here in eastern Iowa!

Palisades-Kepler State Park

Visitors to Palisades-Kepler State Park immerse themselves in an ecosystem full of color. We created the Palisades blanket to capture those same eye-catching colors. The Cedar River runs through the park, carving out the sandstone banks and beaches. The soothing blue of this blanket flows alongside the bold sandy gold border that creates the same contrast you see while sitting along the riverbank. Wildflowers spread throughout the park during spring, while fall reveals a takeover of vibrant foliage. This cut captures the same beauty with accents of orange and light blue that dominate the tree canopy and forest floor at different points of the year.

Palisades cotton yarn on the creel Palisades cotton yarn prepped and ready for the loom Palisades cotton yardage being cut into blankets Palisades cotton throw blanket

Sugar Bottom Recreation Area

The next edition of the outdoor series takes us to Sugar Bottom Recreation Area, where pine trees are a staple of the landscape. Dark green is the staple of this blanket, providing such a rich pine color that you can almost smell the trees while wrapped up cozy by a fire. Streaks of yellow and orange range across the blanket just as hiking trails cut through the ravined paths amongst the pines.

Sugar Bottom cotton yarn on the creel Sugar Bottom cotton yarn on the loom Sugar Bottom cotton yarn woven together on the loom Sugar Bottom cotton throw blanket

Wildcat Den State Park

The third and final run for this series is for a park full of geological vistas, Wildcat Den State Park. Sandstone bluffs and rock formations run along trails as you travel through ravines. Sharp shades of brown and orange found in this blanket cut encapsulate the prominent colors of the photogenic park.

Wildcat Den cotton yarn on the creel Wildcat Den cotton yarn on the loom Wildcat Den cotton yarn woven together on the loom Wildcat Den cotton throw blanket

Which one is your favorite!?