Care Instructions

Cotton Blanket Care

Amana’s 100% cotton blankets are soft, comfortable, and with proper care and cleaning, will retain their quality and beauty for years to come. 

Care instructions:

  1. Pretreat noticeable stains by hand washing the spot with warm water and diluted detergent.
  2. Wash in cold water only. Amana’s cotton blankets are not pre-shrunk. Cold water helps prevent shrinkage and keeps colors vibrant. 100% cotton is prone to shrinking during the first few washes before the fibers settle.
  3. Always use a gentle washing detergent. Avoid pouring concentrated detergent directly on the blanket—pre-dilute detergents before adding to the wash. We suggest liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners and to avoid fabric softeners.
  4. Wash separately on a gentle cycle. Select a large load setting to completely cover your blanket in the water and allow room for the material to move during the wash cycle.
  5. Tumble dry your blanket on the lowest heat setting or no heat setting if available. Tumble until almost dry, then air dry your damp blanket placed flat on a raised drying platform or line dry. Cotton is highly absorbent and twice as heavy when wet. To avoid stretching, make sure not to hang a wet blanket straight from the washing machine.

Tip: Cotton sheds during the first few wash/dry cycles. Air fluff with no heat before use to remove excess fibers. Remember to clean out your lint trap when the process is complete.

ECO2 Blanket Care

Amana’s ECO2 cotton blankets contain recycled cotton, which has been ground up and bound for stability to a polyester core. For ECO2, follow our cotton care instructions.

Wool Blanket Care

Amana’s 100% wool blankets are durable and long-lasting but require more delicate care. Wool fibers are susceptible to heat damage.

Care Instructions:

  1. Wool is a resilient fiber with the natural ability to recover. Wool is considered naturally self-cleaning; it’s antibacterial, resisting bacteria, mold, and mildew while repelling dirt and water. First, try shaking and hanging your wool blanket to air out; this will reshape, fluff, and freshen.
  2. If your wool blanket requires additional cleaning, we recommend Dry Clean Only—professional dry cleaning will help keep the original size, shape, and color of your wool blanket.

Tip: To spot clean a fresh stain, try seltzer water. Pat dry, don’t rub. Never oversoak, but allow the bubbles to trap and lift the stain.