Over a Century of Positive Reviews

Hey Amana fans! We can't thank you enough for the kind words over the years. We’re so very grateful when customers take the time to send us a comment or review. We’re a small operation and are continually working hard to bring you beautiful, quality textiles made (with love) in Amana, Iowa. ❤️

For your viewing pleasure, we're sharing some of our favorite shout-outs from our archive. Again, we thank you for supporting small businesses like ours.

“The flannels and yarns of the Amana Society are held in high esteem by the trade generally.  Hence, orders are continually filled here for Cincinnati, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, besides those from Davenport and from all ‘the region round about.’ The brand of the Society on any article is known to be a sure guaranty of texture, make weight, and being just as represented.”

“Iowa As It Is: Pen Sketches of Town and Country . . . The Amana Society.”
Davenport Daily Gazette, 29 July 1867.

“The successful exploitation of one industry stands as a testimonial to the outcome of these dreams–Amana blankets. No other spot in the world produces better woolens, blankets, dress goods and flannels than Amana. These products are sold in every state in the Union. The Amana woolen mills have been in active operation for fifty years. They use more than a half-million pounds of wool annually. Their 3,000 sheep can’t furnish it all – they must buy from outside markets, principally Chicago.”

Adeline Taylor
“Communistic Pillar of the Amanas Totters Before Modernism,”
Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 21, 1931.

“Buttery-soft, startlingly sturdy, and woven with care from American-grown cotton or wool, Amana Blankets are the ultimate throwbacks…today, a group of local artisans works with descendants to carry on the tradition, incorporation their quiet colors and timeless motifs. The result is around 60 designs that look chic and modern in any style of home.”

Melissa Ozawa
“Dream Weavers”
Martha Stewart Living, September, 2018