“Unwind” at Hotel Millwright

Unwind at Hotel Millwright in Amana

Want to spend the night in a historical woolen mill?
We’ll hook you up.

Amana Woolen Mill is Iowa’s only working textile mill and the home of Hotel Millwright, the hip new place to stay in the Amana Colonies. Inspired by its rich history, the combination of original textile mill elements and modern industrial design create a one-of-a-kind overnight experience for both leisure seekers and business goers alike.

Hotel Millwright in Amana Queen Hotel Room

Why turn the mill into a boutique hotel?
Simple. Historic Preservation.

The 8-acre woolen mill complex that sits alongside the Mill Race canal was once the industrial center of the village of Amana. Textiles were essential to Amana’s beginnings. In addition to producing goods for the community’s use, the Mill helped support the colonists’ communal living by selling textiles across the country, gaining a national reputation for superior woolens. Rich traditions of enduring quality, uncompromising craftsmanship, community living, and genuine hospitality have continued within its walls since 1855.

Hotel Millwright in Amana- Historic buildings

Downsizing woolen mill operations and closing the carding, dying, and spinning portions of the mill left many of the buildings empty or under-utilized for decades. Without a plan to rejuvenate the site, a critical part of the Amana story and an Iowa treasure may be lost. So, in 2013 Amana Society formed a committee whose goal was preserve the physical structures that are an important part of Amana’s story. A search began for a new function for the mill complex, to better support the viability of the historic structures.

Hotel Millwright in Amana - historic preservation

Results from a feasibility study found that the “best use” of the mill complex, as a whole, is a multi-use approach that enhances Amana’s position as a hospitality and entertainment destination. Build a boutique hotel with 65 guest rooms, two premier suites, a restaurant, two bars, modern retail spaces, and a 7,000 square foot banquet and conference center inside a working mill? We’re in! The restoration began in the summer of 2018 and Hotel Millwright opened its doors in the fall of 2020.

Hotel Millwright in Amana- Amana Woolen Mill Complex

True to the spirit of the community-focused settlers of the Amana Colonies, Hotel Millwright is designed as a one-stop destination with everything you need on-site. Make plans to enjoy delicious, upscale cuisine at Indigo Room, stroll through the historically rich community, or take a break at the Electric Thread whiskey bar. With modern retail spaces, a 7,000 square foot banquet and conference center, and interesting artifacts around every corner, Hotel Millwright is more than a hotel.

Hotel Millwright in Amana

Character is key. There’s no lack of that within these walls. Each unique guest room boasts rich hues, modern style, and top-notch comfort to boot. Carefully curated historical art, inspired by the original work areas; the Dye House, Bale House, and Spinning Building, line the walls evoking the spirit of each.

Hotel Millwright in Amana lobby

And here’s the kicker . . . the working portion of Amana Woolen Mill is just steps away from Hotel Millwright’s lobby. Guests are encouraged to stop in and watch the looms at work in the original century and a half old building where it all began.

Hotel Millwright in Amana Warping Creel

Yes, the inside is impressive. The outside is too! From permeable paver streetscapes for stormwater runoff filtration to 100% green electricity provided by the Amana Farms methane digester, we’re working hard to build an eco-conscious oasis with as little disruption to Mother Earth as possible. Fun fact! We’re the only place in Amana with electric car and Tesla charging stations.

Hotel Millwright in Amana Complex view

One thing’s for sure, this place is pretty special.

Come stay with us and see for yourself.


Hotel Millwright in Amana Carding Studio